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Notice Regarding “GENESIS Battle” Held Only for 24 hours

We are excited to announce that “GENESIS Battle” on Twitter will be starting, where you can win a Genesis by simply sending 6,000 GXE to the designated address.

Please check here for more details.仮)

◆Campaign Period
Until March 16th, 2023 9:59 a.m. UTC

◆How to Participate
Send 6,000 GXE to the address below.


It is possible to participate for multiple entries. For multiple entries, please send 6,000 GXE each time for each entry. The NFT that you have won will be added to your My Page.

*The My Page can be accessed by logging in with the wallet address used for the entry.
*If GXE is sent from a central exchange such as MEXC, the applicant will not be eligible for the drawing and will not receive the NFT.

◆Winning Probability
Please refer to the image.
*Drawing will be conducted based on the arrival of the GXE sent.

◆ Regarding the Reflection of the Drawing Results
NFT that you have won will be distributed within 3 business days from the end date of this campaign.

◆ Notes
※ Please note that we cannot offer any refunds.
※If there are too many entries, the campaign may closed earlier than scheduled.
※Please note that we cannot refund any sent funds after the campaign has ended.
※ Please confirm the network and amount before sending your funds.
※ The design of the NFT is currently worked and may differ from the actual one.
※ The announcement of the winners and distribution may be delayed depending on the status of the blockchain and calculation.
※ The minting of NFTs (the status in which NFTs can be transferred to a wallet) is planned to be available between the marketplace launch and the game launch.
※ The amount to transfer and winning probability for sending your GXE and raffle drawing events on Twitter held in the future will be changed randomly each time.
※ This service is subject to the terms of use, disclaimer, and privacy policy.