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Announcement of the Launch of the Marketplace Alpha Version.

We have launched the marketplace alpha version.

◆Flow of Use
Please visit ( to start using.
*If making any transactions such as buying and selling or listing items, please log in to My Page ( and connect your wallet.

◆Features Available on Marketplace Alpha Version
・Buying and selling of NFT
 Users can buy and sell NFT with each other.
 To purchase NFT, Market Money is required.

・Purchase of Market Money
 Market Money is a point required to purchase items on the Marketplace.
 Available to purchase with USDT or credit card.

・Purchase of G Coin
 G Coin is a coin that can be used in games.
 Available to purchase with a credit card or GXE.
 However, G Coin purchased with a credit card or GXE cannot be withdrawn.

・Purchase of U Coin
 U Coin is a coin that can be used in games.
 Available to purchase with a credit card or UXE.
 However, U Coin purchased with a credit card or UXE cannot be withdrawn.
 U Coin earned as in-game rewards can be withdrawn as UXE.

◆Notes for Using the Marketplace Alpha Version
・Depending on the system status, the service may become unstable, or delays may occur in each transaction.
・Fees related to NFT trading and deposits/withdrawals may be subject to change in the future.
・Purchase procedures for each coin and balance updates after purchase may take some time to be completed.
・The information for each product such as parameters, skills, and charge gauges may be subject to change. 
・When purchasing each coin with cryptocurrency, the amount of coins received may change based on the exchange rate at the time of deposit.
・Design and specifications may be subject to change before the official game launch.
・Refunds or returns are not accepted.
・Please note that the team cannot be involved in any issues that may arise between sellers and buyers.
・This service is subject to the terms of use/disclaimer/privacy policy.
・Maintenance may be conducted without prior notice.
・Minimum listing price is set for NFT listings.
・Credit cards that do not support 3D Secure cannot be used.

◆Features Planned to be Updated on Marketplace
・NFT-BOX opening function
・NFT export/import function
・Shop where each NFT and in-game item can be purchased with GXE and UXE.

◆Modification of Terms of Use
By launching the Marketplace Alpha Version, Terms of Use have been modified. Please review the new terms before using the service.

Please feel free to contact us if you have anything.

★Contact Regarding Marketplace
We have “Beginner’s Question Cafe” on our official Discord to ask any questions or concerns.

If you have anything for the team, please directly contact us from below.

We truly appreciate your continued support of PROJECT XENO.