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The First 33 Hikaru Bundles SOLD OUT!

The first 33 Hikaru Bundles sold at the “NFT Sale 1st – HIKARU Collaboration NFT Sale” from November 23rd have sold out due to popular demand.
Thank you so much for your support.

◆How To Confirm the Purchase of the Hikaru Bundle

The purchase is completed when the NFTs displays in the list of acquired NFTs on “My Page.”
Although the purchase procedure has been completed, if you do not see the NFTs on My Page, the purchase has not been completed, and you will get the refund for the purchase amount at a later date.

Also, the “super rare raffle ticket” and “free raffle ticket” will continue to offer a chance to win “Hikaru XENO,” so please participate in the raffle.

*You will also have a chance to win at the NFT auction scheduled to start on November 29th.
*The drawing may have already reached its limited number. Please check the sale page, Twitter, and Discord for the latest information.

◆Super rare raffle

Hikaru XENO: Limited to 250 units

◆Free lottery

Hikaru XENO: Limited to 30 units

All the prizes will be unavailable as soon as the stock runs out.

◆HIKARU Collaboration NFT Auction

Hikaru XENO: 20 winners will be selected by raffle from among the bidders.

*The design of HIKARU XENO is limited to the number of copies issued.