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The Announcement of My Page Function Release

My Page function is now available on the official PROJECT XENO website.

You can check the NFTs you expected to win and your bidding (purchase) history on My Page.
To use My Page, you must register for My Page by connecting to your Wallet.
*Wallet connection is also required to participate in sales and auctions.

~How To Register~
(1) Press the “MY PAGE” button on the website to go to the special page.

(2) Press the “LOGIN” button to make a wallet connection.
*The wallet application must be installed on your device before making a wallet connection.

(3) Once the wallet connection is done, registration is complete.

You can use My Page by connecting to your Wallet, but you can also receive the latest information about PROJECT XENO by registering your e-mail address.

Please check PROJECT XENO’s official website and Twitter for additional features and details.

■Official website

■Official Twitter (English)

■Official Twitter (Japanese)

■Official Telegram