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Starting July 11th, the new class ‘Monk’ debuts!

From July 11, 2024 (Thu), after maintenance, the new class ‘Monk’ will be available!


A new class that enhances its own ‘Qi’ and ‘overwhelms’ enemies with power!

Seize victory with powerful skills and strategies!


▼Visit the Monk NFT sale page here


▼Monk NFT Sale Hours

From 7/11 (Thu) 19:00 to 8/18 (Sun) 18:59


Additionally, with the update on July 11, Initial Holders (those who have acquired their own NFT XENO/GENESIS) will have the cost for inheriting to that XENO made free.

Additionally, Initial Holders’ NFT XENO can also participate in the ‘GENESIS Promotion Challenge’ in the game, so be sure to get your Monk NFT as soon as possible!

Furthermore, during the above period, monks will occasionally appear as CPU opponents in the game.

Win the battle and you are guaranteed to GET an NFT-BOX!