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Muhammad Ramadan, a renowned actor and singer with 25.1 million Instagram followers, has been appointed as the Middle East region ambassador.

We are pleased to announce that Muhammad Ramadan, an Egyptian actor, singer, rapper, dancer, and producer, has taken on the role of Middle East Ambassador for PROJECT XENO.


About Muhammad Ramadan:
Ramadan’s journey as an actor began during his school days, and he achieved an unprecedented feat of winning the national Best Talent Award three times in a row. Starting with small roles in TV series like “Cinderella,” he kicked off his career, and it was the movie “Ehky Ya Sharazad” directed by Yousry Nasrallah that propelled him to stardom. He then appeared in films produced by Mohamed & Ahmed El Sobky, prominent Egyptian producers, establishing himself as one of the most valuable actors in the Middle East. He boasts a staggering 25.1 million Instagram followers, 15.1 million YouTube subscribers, and 23.03 million Facebook followers (as of August 10, 2023). His recent music videos have garnered over 100 million views each, showcasing his immense popularity.


About PROJECT XENO’s Overseas Promotion:
While PROJECT XENO’s promotion has been primarily focused on Japan, we are now expanding our efforts to overseas markets. Our goal is to achieve a foreign user ratio of over 50% by the end of the year. We are particularly concentrating on (1) the top 5 markets in the world of mobile game content (Web2 games), namely Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, North America, and China, (2) the Philippines, which ignited the Web3 game trend, and (3) the Middle East region, a global leader in the field of e-sports. We will facilitate community building through influential ambassadors in each region and host high-stakes e-sports tournaments to drive market expansion.


About Middle East Promotion:
With Muhammad Ramadan’s appointment as ambassador, PROJECT XENO is commencing full-scale marketing efforts in the Middle East region. Particularly in Saudi Arabia, the government has announced plans to invest around 5 trillion yen in the gaming and e-sports sectors, indicating a remarkable enthusiasm for investments in the gaming industry. Additionally, events like “Gamers8: Land of Heroes” held in Riyadh from July 6th, 2023, have total prize pools exceeding $30 million, highlighting the region’s leadership in global e-sports. PROJECT XENO’s emphasis on strategic and tactical fair battle design aligns well with the nature of e-sports, making it highly compatible. Scheduled for October in Japan and November in the Philippines, we are planning to host e-sports tournaments. With Muhammad Ramadan’s appointment, we are planning Arabic localization for the game app, website, marketplace, and Whitepaper by late August 2023, aiming to hold e-sports tournaments next year. As for Middle East promotions, we will gradually roll out Arabic support once it’s completed.

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