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One of the top and the most popular YouTuber in Japan “Hikaru” has been appointed as an ambassador for “PROJECT XENO”

“PROJECT XENO” reached an agreement with “Hikaru” who has more than 4.8million subscribers on his channel (as of 20th Sep 2022) and is one of the top and the most popular YouTuber in Japan to become an ambassador.

This year, which is said to be the first year of the Web3, is attracting increasing attention to blockchains and NFTs as the next generation of the World Wide Web.
Hikaru, who continues to challenge a lot of new efforts, has been appointed as the ambassador for “PROJECT XENO”.
We are also going to take on new challenges that will create a new wind in the NFT game industry with Hikaru and we will provide new experience to everyone.

Comment from Hikaru

I am grateful to be appointed as the ambassador for “PROJECT XENO”.
As some of you may know that my career as a YouTuber was started from gaming play channel.
Such my starting point will challenge the industry that is attracting attention in the future.

I will for sure fully enjoy this challenges! And I hope listeners in YouTube and all parties related to the “PROJECT XENO” will also enjoy the project!

Regarding the Distribution Date and Delay of May GXE Partner Benefits

This is the PROJECT XENO management team.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in distributing the May GXE Partner benefits for 2023. We deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused to our GXE Partners. In this notice, we will provide information about the distribution date of the benefits and the circumstances surrounding the delay.

Eligible Participants:

  • Individuals who held 5,000 GXE in the wallet that was used when they were certified as GXE Partners between 12:00 AM on the last day of April 2023 and 12:00 AM on the following day.

Distribution Date: From May 31st (Wednesday) to June 1st (Thursday)

Reasons for the Delay in Benefit Distribution: When we released the limited edition of the game on April 20th, we transitioned the NFT management system from the web (MyPage/MarketPlace) to both the web and the game.

Due to the impact of this system change, there was an issue with the distribution of NFTs to accounts that had not been linked to the game. We had to further develop the NFT distribution system to address this issue. Unfortunately, this development coincided with server troubles after the game’s release, resulting in a delay in system development and subsequently delaying the distribution date until May 31st (Wednesday).

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to our GXE Partners. With this system enhancement, we anticipate that such delays will not occur in the future.

We apologize for the delay in the distribution date on this occasion.

Regarding Future GXE Partner Benefits: After the distribution of the May GXE Partner benefits, the distribution of GXE Partner benefits will conclude, and the subsequent GXE benefits will transition to being returned through lending. However, we have received numerous requests for the distribution of GXE Partner benefits. As a result, we are working on new plans for GXE Partner benefits. We will provide further information once these plans are confirmed. We kindly ask for your anticipation of the upcoming GXE Partner benefits.

“PROJECT XENO (Project Zeno)”‘s token (GXE) has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange “BITPOINT” of the SBI Group! A listing commemoration campaign is also being held simultaneously!

The token (GXE) issued by EPOCH FACTORY, which operates “PROJECT XENO,” has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange “BITPOINT,” a subsidiary of the SBI Group. “GXE” is a token circulating within the NFT game “PROJECT XENO” operated by EPOCH FACTORY. As Japan is positioned as one of the focus areas for “PROJECT XENO,” the listing of the token (GXE) on the Japanese domestic cryptocurrency exchange “BITPOINT,” part of the SBI Group, is expected to significantly impact user convenience. With this listing, it’s anticipated that the awareness of the GXE token will increase, and we will continue to strive for further expansion of its use to enhance user convenience in the future.

“BITPOINT” is a cryptocurrency exchange operated by BITPoint Japan Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, a publicly-listed company in Japan. BITPOINT offers a wide range of trading methods, including spot trading, lending services, and systematic investment plans (SIPs), and handles 17 types of cryptocurrencies, including major ones like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

“BITPOINT” Listing Commemoration Campaign

To commemorate the listing of the “GXE” token on “BITPOINT,” a special campaign will be held featuring five promotions:

1. Account Opening Campaign
2. Login Campaign
3. Purchase Campaign
4. Lending for Profit Campaign
5. Follow & RT Campaign on Twitter

For more details, please visit the “BITPOINT” campaign page after the listing commemoration campaign starts.
– BITPOINT Campaign Page:
– Official Twitter Account of BITPOINT: