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GXE is the governance token
for eSports BCG game and launched its first game,

PROJECT XENO is a web2.5 game that can be played like a normal game,
but also allows players to earn.

GXE Icon

It is the first ever BCG game to rank as the number 1 free app
on the App Store for 5 consecutive days.

GXE Icon
GXE Icon

The only BCG consistently ranked
within the top 300
in the App Store sales rankings.

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GXE Icon

PROJECT XENO has hosted two offline eSports tournaments,
each with over 10,000 participants.

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GXE Game

About GXE

1. Designed for Long-term
Operability and Utility

XENO does not engage in unlimited NFT minting commonly seen in BCGs.
NFTs can drop at a certain rate when winning in PvP
and GXE is used to open these NFTs.
Additionally, GXE is used to upgrade the rarity
of WEAPONS and CHARMS in the game,
correlating the expansion of user base with the price of GXE
over the mid to long term.

2. GXE Partners

A partnership program that users can join by holding GXE
and meeting certain criteria.
Partners can enjoy preferential trading conditions
in the marketplace as well as benefits like NFT airdrops.


GXE holders can purchase valuable in-game items under favorable conditions,
making GXE a strong utility within the game.

4. Operated by a Listed Company

The operator of PROJECT XENO is CROOZ,
a Japanese listed company with over 20 years of experience in game development.

GXE World
GXE World

First Hikaru Cup

Total prize pool of 20 million yen!
The very first official national tournament, Hikaru Cup, for PROJECT XENO.

Star-studded Collaborations

Featured numerous celebrities and
also collaborations with famous IPs!

Floyd Mayweather Collaboration

Manny Pacquiao Collaboration

Mega Man X DiVE Collaboration

Massive TV Commercial Campaign

Japan's top YouTuber.
Launched YouTube career in 2013 with game streaming, boasting 4.86 million subscribers as of November 2022.
Currently active not only on YouTube but also as an entrepreneur and singer.

List of GXE Listed Exchanges

PROJECT XENO is now available!

Battle with players
from all over the world in 3v3 tactical PvP.

Play Now!

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