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From December 20th, the second collaboration event, “Brave Frontier Versus Collaboration Part 2,” is underway!

From December 20, 2023 (Wednesday), we will be hosting the second collaboration event, “Brave Frontier Versus Collaboration Part 2.”
In addition, a “Brave Frontier Versus Collaboration Part 2” sale will be held starting from 7:00 PM on December 21, 2023 (Thursday).


▼The collaboration sale page can be found here.


In the sale for “Brave Frontier Versus Collaboration Part 2,” featured units include:

  • GENESIS 5S Divine Redemption Realm Princess Elsa (NECROMANCER)
  • GENESIS 5 Refined God Princess Elsa (NECROMANCER)

Be sure to check out their appearances!


Furthermore, in addition to the 10 consecutive summons, we have prepared a STEP UP Gacha for this event!

As you progress through the steps, the appearance rate of GENESIS units will increase!


Also, during the collaboration period, collaborative characters may occasionally appear as opponents in CPU battles within the game.

If you manage to defeat the collaboration characters, you can obtain an NFT-BOX with guaranteed rewards!

This NFT-BOX may even include “NFT XENO Rengoku no Elsa”!?


We will also deliver a special collaboration experience with unique titles, skill presentations, and more. Be sure to participate in the collaboration and enjoy these special features!